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We Know Vacation Rentals

Every member of the BookingBoost team has extensive experience in the vacation rental industry. We've taken all of that experience, focused our knowledge and expertise on marketing vacation rentals, and come up with a truly revolutionary service.

In fact, we ONLY market vacation rentals. Through our close partnerships with top vacation rental property managers and online marketing platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, we are able to reliably and consistently BOOST the number of bookings coming in to your vacation rentals.

We Manage Your Marketing

We believe that your time as a vacation rental property manager is one of your most valuable assets. Marketing your vacation rentals online (even just a few units) can quickly become a full-time project. That's why we handle 100% of the set-up, optimization and reporting for your marketing campaigns.

You simply tell us which of your properties you'd like to BOOST (or pick all of them!) and we handle the rest. You'll get 24/7 access to a reporting dashboard that shows exactly where your marketing dollars are going and how many bookings your Boost program has generated.

No more guessing about how effective your marketing dollars are- just simple, straightforward reports that show simple, straightforward results!

No Set Up Fees or Monthly Fees

Most digital marketing firms charge a set-up fee as high as $1,000. Then they charge monthly management fees as high as 40%. So, if you wanted to spend $2,000 to generate bookings for your properties- other marketing companies would take $1,000 right off the top. Then they would take 40% of your monthly marketing budget as a management fee.

So even though you started with $2,000 - you'd be left with only $600 to actually spend on marketing your properties.

Not so with BookingBoost! If you have $2,000 to spend on marketing, you get $2,000 worth of marketing. And with our 24/7 reporting dashboard, you get to see where every dollar goes!

Proven Results for Vacation Rental Property Managers

Case Study: iTrip Vacations

A local iTrip Vacations franchise wanted to increase bookings for a few properties they manage. Through targeted marketing and our expert marketing management, BookingBoost generated truly remarkable results for iTrip!

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No Long-term Contracts

notepad-1Cancel any time. Restart your Boost program any time. We believe in the BookingBoost process and the results you can achieve with our services. So we don't lock you in to long-term contracts.

24/7 Reporting Access

settings-1You get access to a reporting dashboard that shows how much you've spent on marketing, how many bookings the Boost program has generated for you, your average cost to acquire a booking, your top-performing keywords and more. No more waiting for monthly reports! Access them any time you like!


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BookingBoost was founded by vacation rental professionals who wanted to provide an easy-to-use, straightforward way for vacation rental property managers to reliably generate bookings for their properties.